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GTP-250 II

Printer GTP-250 II Application industry: Key Features
  • Low noise thermal printing
  • High speed printing : 59 (1/6” F eed) lines per second

Thermal Receipt Printer GTP-250 II

SENOR GTP-250II is a thermal receipt printer to support your successful Business all the time. The GTP-250II is fully featured with improved printing speed up to 230mm /sec. Easy-to-use Windows driver and other various drivers make the GTP-250II even more flexible. The GTP-250II Roll Printer are designed for use with electronic instruments such as system ECR, POS, banking equipment, computer peripheral equipment, etc.

● High speed printing : 59 (1/6” F eed) lines per second.
● Low noise thermal printing.
● The data buffer allows the unit to receive print data even during printing.
● Peripheral units drive circuit enables control of external devices such as cash drawer.
● Characters can be scaled up to 64 times compared to it’s original size.
● Bar code printing is possible by using a bar c ode command.
● Different print densities can be selected by DIP switches.


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