POS System

SENOR presents its touch POS all-in-one products to provide reliability, comfort and convenience!


Color Match with the iCPOS Application industry: Key Features
  • IP43
  • Win 10 IoT
  • 15” LCD, 4:3, 1024 x 768
  • 380 W x 250 D x 450 H (mm)

eXceed your eXpectations

The iCPOS WP Series is your best self-service solution. This easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain mini kiosk system features high shine color and space saving design, and gives a user friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface) operation.

iCPOS WP also was recognized for achievements in the IPC & Embedded products categories and for delivering creative products that provide for enhanced self-service solution. The jury emphasized that this Intelligent Point of Service System is a leading innovation for self-service mini kiosk. With its elegant and stylish design, featuring fanless and ventless casing, capacitive touch power switch and colorful bezel design, it offers the worldwide buyers, a sophisticated-looking unit for seamless operation of daily tasks. In addition, a desktop kiosk solution can be set up as individual interactive information stations. With a concealed printer and AC adaptor in a unified system design, it is an excellent solution for buyers with its nanotechnology coating for easy clean, button-free design to minimize errors and the range versatile peripherals available.

◾ Size – Best Space Saving Choice
Now you can have a touch screen、printer、peripherals、2nd screen or VFD, and a concealed AC adaptor within an A4 paper size space therefore leaving the counter-top clutter free.

◾ Smart – Integrated Peripherals for Easy Access
With the wearable devices trend, SENOR provides for integrated peripherals, especially designed to RFID device for easy access. This mini kiosk solution also support MSR、Fingerprint、RFID、iButton smart peripheral devices which give the users more choices and opportunities.

◾ Safety – Protect Your System from Water
Safety is a high priority for SENOR. With full system IP43, the iCPOS provide for protection against liquid and dust, and ensuring system durability. The fanless and ventless casing allows for quiet operation and reduced system faults caused by dust and dirt accumulating inside the unit.

◾ Shine – Rich and Colorful Bezel Design
Color aids the recognition of a brand. SENOR highlights the user’s brand image with a high shine and vibrant color bezel. A functional bright second display with the color bezel can also be added to further enhance the brand.

◾ Self-Service Kiosk
Self-service is the way of the future. SENOR built an easy and simple mini kiosk solution to function as a self-ticket kiosk、self-register、self-returned machine、coupon checking register、self-add value machine or more new applications.

Other Features

◾ Projected capacitive touch or flat resistive touch screen
◾ True flat panel with optional multi touch support
◾ Nano-coating technology for easy clean
◾ Removable hard disk
◾ Versatile for integration into various self-service applications
◾ Capacitive touch power switch
◾ Easy maintenance with printer swap out
◾ Space saving for easy installation

Optional Peripherals

Wireless LAN Integrated Wireless Connection
Customer Display VFD or Sealed & Slim 2nd Display
Identification Devices Smart AUTO ID Supports MSR
Fingerprint Reader

NOTE: The product information and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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