Self-Service Kiosks

Leveraging KIOSK's design process expertise ensures clients of program simplicity and rapid first-pass design success, without sacrificing on creativity.


Application industry: Key Features
  • Integrate with optional peripherals
  • Can improve processing efficiency and satisfy your requirement

iSK15 Kiosk

The SENOR’s iSK15  Kiosk can improve processing efficiency and satisfy your requirement for a complete all-in-one system fitted in an aluminum casing with certified high protection.With upgraded configurable options, the iSK15  is geared towards high performance and consistent production output.

The complete all-in-one iSK15 is fitted securely onto the customize made pedestal stand, making the iSK15  the essential standalone kiosk solution. Maximize the service potential of the iSK15  with optional signage board or ticket collection.



● Retail Point-of-Sale

● Product promotion platform

● Hotel self-check-in

● Registration portal

● Restaurant self-ordering / Food court preordering

● Hospital patient check-in

● Self ticketing

● Gaming venues

● Security identification

● Information touchpoint



NOTE: The product information and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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