Manufacturing Execution System

The convenient design allows for a peripheral-free environment to its users and facilitates maintenance after sales. Allows the product to offer a wide variety of functions.

MES 1915R

Manufacturing Execution System Application industry: Key Features
  • Intel J1900
  • IP66
  • Win 10 loT
  • 15” LCD, 4:3, 1024* 768

Key Features

◾ CPU: Intel J1900
◾ IP Rating: IP66
◾ Operation System: Win 10 loT
◾ Display: 15” LCD, 4:3, 1024* 768
◾ Product Dimensions:
  389 W* 96 D* 334 H (mm)
  389 W* 67 D* 334 H (mm)
◾ True flat 5-wire resistive type touchscreen supported
◾ NANO coating for easy cleaning and maintenance
◾ Aluminum casing with silent and fanless design
◾ Removable HDD

Optional Peripherals

 Identification   Devices  High brightness LCD
 2nd Display with VGA output
 2nd LAN and wireless LAN enable


NOTE: The product information and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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