Bicycle Rental Station

Bike station is usually composed of kiosk and bike docks. The kiosk manufactured by SENOR is designed to be resistant to all types of urban conditions. LCD touch screen, payment card reader and a wide range of peripherals. SENOR offers an optimal user experience by providing a rich user interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Ticket Dispenser

It is always difficult to handle all customers needs at the same time. Take bank as an example, during peak times, if a bank has a queue ticket dispenser machine at the front desk, customers can take their ticket number while entering bank. It can reduce labour cost and clearly understand which customer should serve first and minimise customer complaints.

Self-Service Kiosk

More and more consumers are tired of waiting in a long billing queue. A long waiting time could even cause customer churn. SENOR's kiosk series is ideal for many other applications, including hotel check-in, retail service, food orders and airport check-in. SENOR offers the Kiosk with rich peripherals such as MSR reader, RFID reader, Scanner, and Printer to easily integrate it for different applications.

Other Possible Applications : Calling system with ticketing, Car beauty garage, Laundry kiosk, MRT Ticket station, Pharmacy store, Telecom chain