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  • What is the IP rating of the Robot POS series?

    The Robot POS series have been approved with IP43 certification (International Protection 43). This standard classifies the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion of foreign bodies and moisture.

    Robot POS series have constant waterfall Internal silicon washers which maintain moisture resistance.

    So what is International Protection 43? It is not just a number; the first numeral “4” indicates the protection against solid foreign objects with a diameter greater than 1.0mm. The second numeral “3” indicates the protection against splashing water. To pass this test, the Robot POS series are placed in a chamber with water spraying at an angle of 60 degrees on either side of the unit for 10 minutes.

  • How can I prevent unauthorized tampering with the hard drive?

    There are two options for the location of the Hard Drive. For your easy access, the hard drive is normally fitted in the side of the unit. To prevent tampering, the hard drive can be screwed behind a metal cover in the base of the terminal.

  • Why do the Robot POS series “Y” lead have an “E” on the mouse connector?

    The Y lead of Robot POS series is used only for External Keyboard wedge devices such as MSR, Barcode reader etc. One end is Mini-DIN male which connects to the Robot POS series K/B connector. The “Y” end of the lead has a Mini-DIN female marked “K” and a male marked “E”. This is for External Keyboard wedge devices that each wedge device has 2 connecters, and one is male and the other is female. In addition, users must connect both of these connectors to the Y lead of Robot POS series.