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Printer GTP-250 III Application industry: Key Features
  • Powerful Printing Performance
  • Multiple interface choice
  • User-friendly Design

SENOR GTP-250III is a thermal receipt printer to support fully your successful Business all the time.
The GTP-250III is fully featured with Fast printing up to 250mm/sec. Easy-to-use Windows driver and other various drivers make the GTP-250III even more flexible.

The GTP-250III Roll Printer are designed for use with Retail, Hospitality, Ticketing, Kiosk , etc.

Powerful Printing Performance
● Fast printing up to 250mm/sec
● 4-type dithering options for graphic printing
Multiple interface choice
● Built-in USB with a choice of S erial, Parallel, or Ethernet
User-friendly Design
● Anti-jam guide
● Stand-alone or Space-saving wall-mount use
● 2” or 3” paper choice


NOTE: The product information and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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