Manufacturing Execution System

SENOR MES series contains high-performance Touch Panel PC, low-power, web terminals for smart factory applications and industrial monitors

ICS 21

The ICS series are the product with true flat touch screen, and the most important - IP66 protection for whole unit. The ICS series are suitable for Packing, Slaughter house, Sanitary ware factory, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Warehousing. Application Industry Key Characteristic
  • Win 10 IoT 64 bit
  • 21.5"TFT LCD, 1920 x 1080 LED backlight
  • 538.9 W x 46 D x 341.6 H (mm), 8Kgs
  • CE/FCC Class A , IP 66 Compliance
  • Senor Waterproof Ip66
  • Touch screen

The SENOR ICS series stands as a formidable and integrated Manufacturing Execution System, boasting a fanless and ventless design meticulously engineered for deployment in the most demanding of environments. This innovative solution features an operationally efficient interface, designed to elevate work efficiency and prioritize safety in all working conditions.

What sets the SENOR ICS series apart is its commitment to delivering a true-flat and bezel-less design. This design philosophy not only enhances the overall reliability of the unit but also ensures that functionality remains uncompromised. Each element of the ICS series is built to last, making it a durable yet versatile solution for industrial operations.

In the world of Manufacturing Execution System, the SENOR ICS series emerges as a standout choice for those seeking performance without compromise. Its fanless and ventless design is a testament to its durability and suitability for harsh environments, where factors like dust, extreme temperatures, and challenging conditions prevail.

The intuitive and efficient interface of the ICS series streamlines processes, enhances workflow, and contributes to heightened productivity. It places a premium on safety, offering secure working environments where employees can operate with confidence.

With its true-flat and bezel-less design, the ICS series represents a commitment to reliability, ensuring that it meets the demands of modern industry without any compromises. It’s not just a solution; it’s a partnership for success in the world of manufacturing.

Key Features

◾ Ultra Slim Design
◾ Full Flat PCT Touch with Zero Bazel
◾ IP66 Fanless Design