Manufacturing Execution System

SENOR MES series contains high-performance Touch Panel PC, low-power, web terminals for smart factory applications and industrial monitors

MES 10

The MES 10 Series are the first product combined true flat touch screen and the most important – IP54 protection for whole unit. The MES Series are suitable for Beverage, Packing, Slaughter house, Sanitary ware factory, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Warehousing. Application Industry Key Characteristic
  • Windows
  • 9.7" / 10.4 " TFT LCD, 1024 x 768
  • 276 W x 49 D x 369 H (mm), 2.75Kgs
  • (VESA type) 276 W x 42 D x 223 H (mm), 2.5Kgs
  • CE/FCC, IP 54 Compliance
  • IP54
  • Touch screen

The SENOR MES 10 series is a robust and integrated Manufacturing Execution System with fanless and ventless design specifically developed to be utilized in harsh environments. Featuring operational effective interface, it aims at enhancing work efficiency and offers safe working environments at the forefront. It’s true-flat and bezel-less design without button mechanism aids to increase reliability of the unit without compromising on the functionality.
The 7H panel surface has been treated for superior durability making it reliable for different applications. Its compact design is compatible with various mounting solutions and is suitable for various industrial applications such as access control and factory automation.

Key Features

◾ Bezel-less with true flat P-CAP touchscreen
◾ Full system IP54
◾ NANO coating for easy cleaning and maintenance
◾ Compact and stylish space saving design
◾ Aluminum casing with ventless and fanless design
◾ Chemical treated and strengthen glass touch panel, PCT-7H
◾ Shock tested using Procedure 1G
◾ Optional – Extra USB & COM ports
◾ Optional – 2nd display with VGA output
◾ Optional – 2nd LAN and wireless LAN enable