Vehicle Mount Computer

SENOR provides industrial-grade computing solutions for warehouse management systems (WMS), port, construction, heavy-duty vehicle and manufacturing


The iV12 provide high stability that is able to withstand shock and vibration on On-Road or Off-Road vehicles. Application Industry Key Characteristic
  • Windows 7, Windows 10 IoT
  • 12.1" , 1024 x 768
  • 320 W x 60 D x 312 H (mm), 5Kgs
  • IP 66 Compliance
  • Senor Waterproof Ip66
  • Touch screen

SENOR iV12 (12.1-inch Intelligent Vehicle Computer) combines outstanding performance, durability, and advanced features, including a robust fanless design, intelligent ignition power control, and a vehicle power system certified to ISO-7637, effectively resisting electrical transient damage. This in-vehicle computer stands out for its high stability, effortlessly handling shocks and vibrations from forklifts, buses, cars, and trucks on roads or off-road terrains.

Furthermore, the SENOR iV12 boasts features such as wide temperature tolerance and waterproofing, making it suitable for various extreme environments. Its waterproof properties ensure reliable operation in humid or rainy conditions, while the wide temperature range guarantees stable performance even in extremely high or low temperatures.

In addition, the 12.1-inch intelligent screen of the iV12 provides clear display effects, making operations more intuitive and convenient. This computer is suitable for commercial and specialized vehicles, excelling in various application scenarios. SENOR iV12 is the ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and reliable solutions, earning high trust from customers worldwide.

Key Features

◾ Full system IP66
◾ Wide working temperature range (-20C ~ 55C)
◾ Shock & vibration resistance
◾ Isolated power design
◾ Ignition ON/OFF feature
◾ Auto brightness (LCD dimming) feature
◾ Programmable keys feature