POS System

SENOR presents its touch POS all-in-one products to provide reliability, comfort and convenience

iSPOS 15” WP

Featuring solid aluminum die- cast housing and innovative mechanical design that offers remarkable protection from dust, oil and water intrusion, iSPOS series offers ruggedness and durability and is perfect for various application in harsh environments. With the 30 degree tilt card reader and, the iSPOS is designed to enhance work efficiency and satisfy user needs for comfort and ergonomics. Application Industry Key Characteristic
  • Type, 195 / 5A / 5S / ⁺5a / ⁺5E / ⁺5s / 5N / 5SE
  • (195)Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Ubuntu 14.04
  • (5A / 5S) Win 7, Win 10 IoT 64 bit
  • (⁺5a / ⁺5s) Win 10 IoT 64 bit
  • 15" TFT LCD, 1024 x 768 LED-backlit
  • 389 W x 232 D x 464 H (mm), 15Kgs
  • CE/FCC, IP 43 Compliance
  • Senor Waterproof Ip66
  • WiFi
  • Touch screen

The iSPOS series impresses in a compact sized, attractive all-in-one design. A perfect solution to suit those with requirements for easy installation, ease of use, and space-saving in an all-in-one touch POS system. It is ideally suited for small and medium-sized business environment installation.
The iSPOS WP series fitted with high brightness LED screen, using Intel® processor that consumes less power and yet still achieves high performance. In addition, the iSPOS WP series offers an array of integrated options for seamless and wireless communication such as card readers, RFID, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN connectivity.
The iSPOS WP series optimizes an innovative modular design to assist users in simplifying the maintenance process. The built-in printer with splash-proof cover also resolves the issues of paper jam and reduces damage rates due to accumulation of grease and dust.

Key Features

◾ iSPOS full system IP66 compliance, iSPOS WP IP43
◾ Enclosed in solid aluminum die-casting with nanotechnology coating
◾ Fanless, silent and easy-to-clean design
◾ Removable hard disk
◾ VESA mount available
◾ Wireless LAN solution